Your Career

Your Career

Our People Priorities keep on going from strength to strength. Our promise is to make sure we all feel supported and continue to have the tools, development opportunities and guidance required to do our jobs successfully. Our People are at the heart of Thalia Waste Management and we encourage everyone to engage and talk freely with the Management Team and our Thalia Key Influencer forum.

Keeping our people safe

We put our people first and we want everyone to go home fit and well at the end of their working day or night. Our Zero Code reminds us of the important steps we must all take to protect ourselves and others from harm. It's aim is to focus attention on encouraging and developing correct and safe behaviours, and it applies to everyone who works for and with Thalia, helping to create safer places for everyone.

Developing and supporting our people

At Thalia, we develop and train our people, so no matter your role, we will support you to ensure you have the right skills to be able to do your role and develop you to progress.

We need everyone to be masters of their day-to-day tasks and we’ll support you to get there. We also train our people to become leaders, so that whether you’re a manager or reporting to one, your workplace is one where you’re empowered to learn and develop.

Looking after each other

Our mental health ambassadors promote ways to stay healthy, both physically and emotionally, and raise awareness of mental health conditions. They hold local events to get people talking and they signpost people to the help they may need.

We hope to help our people keep a clean bill of health, and we know that takes more than an apple a day. We point our people towards healthier lifestyle choices and we have occupational health services on hand to give care to anyone that needs it. We are committed to a healthy work-life balance and aim to empower our people with the flexibility they need, so they’re engaged to give their best.

Support for all, 24/7

We don’t stop looking out for you after you’ve gone home, either. We provide a 24/7 helpline which employees can call for free, confidential advice.

Whether it’s a workplace problem, a relationship breakdown, or a financial issue, employees can receive round-the-clock support when it is most needed.