Kurt Brook: Principal Operations Manager

Where do you work?

I work at Allerton Waste Recovery Park in North Yorkshire

What does your role involve?

I am responsible for the daily operations of all technologies at Allerton Waste Recovery Park, these include an Anaerobic Digestor, Mechanical Treatment Plant and an Energy from Waste Plant

What attracted you to the waste industry?

Before joining Thalia, I had no experience of waste, the multiple technologies onsite and how they work together are what I was most interested in. I am very passionate about working in the waste industry, more so now when I see the amount of waste we avoid sending to landfill. I always wanted a career that was delivering something positive, I see what we do as being so significant to the protection of the environment and our future generations.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

To be able to lead a team that is so passionate about what they and we do is far the most rewarding thing about my role. The business itself , offers a lot of support to the team, training and development is so key and something we see so much value in. Putting so much effort into the development in the team sees a lot of internal progression.

What skills do you need to be able to do your role successfully?

Having an analytic mind, being confident, supportive and approachable are all skills that I feel are important in my role. It is important to be able to present on all levels to ensure clear information and/or goals are understood either for the purpose of business strategy or to aid the team in daily operations.

How has your role developed?

Due to my career progressing while working for Thalia at Allerton Waste Recovery Park I find that my role has changed significantly in terms of extra responsibilities, and I find myself in a different place to my previous teammates with whom I had great relationships with. Testament to them all, we have managed to have close relationships with a mutual respect for each other's different roles and responsibilities.

How would you describe the culture at Thalia?

The culture within Thalia is very much driven by a fantastic team spirit and a foundation of absolute pride built into each and every person I come across, not only at Allerton but all other sites within waste treatment.