Our Waste Education Experience

Waste Education Experience

Do you know you can visit our Allerton Waste Recovery Park and book an outreach with the Isle of Wight Education officers, to find out first-hand what happens to waste?

Our Waste Education Experience is open for bookings:


Allerton Waste Recovery Park

Our dedicated, on-site Education and Visitor Centres, offer a waste education experience including tours, as well as recycling and waste-themed activities for our communities. They will also visit your school.

This can be from school classes, higher education, and community groups, families, childminders etc - everyone is welcome. 

All Waste Education Experience visits should be booked in advance. Once you have a date in mind, please click on the link for the Waste Recovery Plant you'd like to visit and find out how you can book.

Across our UK sites we also offer Sustainability activity, which looks closer at how we can support businesses to reduce their waste consumption, improve their recycling and showcasing our technologies, ESG impact, and sustainability.

This activity is also available for colleges and universities who are looking to support future renewable or waste leaders.

For more information about this activity please contact Thalia Communications


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