Thalia Waste Management

Introducing Thalia Waste Management

Thalia Waste Management operates the best waste technology available across our four sites in North Yorkshire, Milton Keynes, Cambridgeshire and on the Isle of Wight

"This includes everything from mechanical and biological treatment, traditional burn energy from waste and material recycling technologies to in-vessel composting, advanced thermal treatment, innovative small-scale energy from waste and anaerobic digestion.

At Thalia Waste Management we can drive the future of waste, turn it into power, while encouraging households, businesses and the Government to invest in reduce, reuse, recycle and recover.

We've one focus - one vision - We want to be a trusted and inspirational leader in innovative waste and energy solutions

Through our waste treatment operations, we see first-hand how society uses resources and how different technologies are able to reduce impact through recovering value and improving sustainability, social value and social inclusion. In other words, infrastructure that delivers positive societal benefits and outcomes".

Paco Hevia, CEO, Thalia Waste Management