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Thalia Careers

At Thalia Waste Management, we are creating a future to be proud of. We think differently, questioning everything, enabling us to develop progressive waste into energy solutions and services. Being motivated, tackling problems together, inspiring others to take responsibility, making a difference, being ambitious and contributing value. Our mission is ambitious; we want to transform today's waste into tomorrow’s energy. We have one focus; We want to be a trusted and inspirational leader in innovative waste and energy solutions

Proud to work in waste

We are proud to work in the waste sector and be actively making a positive impact to the environment. Here are some of the fantastic things that we achieve year on year:

  • Export approximately 205 GWh of electricity annually to the national grid – that’s the same energy that 600 million solar panels will produce
  • Recycle 95,000 tonnes of waste annually – that’s the equivalent to all the waste generated by the city of Aberdeen in one year
  • Divert approximately 313,500 tonnes of waste from landfill into energy generation – that’s equivalent to offsetting 10,000 tonnes of Co2 or the same effect as planting 2,000 trees in a year.

Our Values

  • Ambitious: We’ll show strong motivation, focus and determination to not just succeed but to go above and beyond
  • Collaborative: We’ll work together, listening, sharing knowledge and ideas to allow us to achieve individually and as teams across Thalia
  • Inclusive: We’ll be inclusive to others, harnessing ideas, skills and knowledge to achieve common goals. We honour diversity and difference in Thalia
  • Responsible: We’ll have a strong sense of responsibility, and are accountable for everything that’s in our power

If you're passionate about making a positive impact by collaborating with colleagues, pushing boundaries  and working on projects that matter, we would love to meet you!