Commercial Waste

Why Choose Thalia?

Thalia's all about you - Tailored waste solutions just for you.

At Thalia Waste Management, we believe in providing customised and efficient waste management solutions that meet the specific needs of each of our clients. We understand that every business operates differently, therefore, it is essential to take a consultative approach before starting any project.

As a result, our waste management service starts at the planning stage, where we work with
our clients to understand your business operations, goals, and requirements. Our Business Development Manager, Nicola Green, says, "We always want to tailor our service to your needs".

With many businesses keen to minimise waste disposal costs and improve their environmental record, Thalia can advise on the best routes for waste, which includes access to waste separation and disposal routes, including mechanical biological treatment (MBT) and materials recovery facility (MRF). We can also advise on how to demonstrate clear and accurate reporting to ISO 140001 standards.

Thalia understands the importance of providing effective and tailored waste management solutions that meet your unique needs and requirements. Our Operations Manager, Graham Smoker, believes in this philosophy, "Clients only want the solutions, not problems." That is why we take a customer-centric approach and always strive to think as though we are part of your team.

We believe that collections must be made at the most convenient time, causing minimum disruption to your operations. We also acknowledge the importance of staying ahead of the current environmental concerns, such as recycling and plastics. Thalia is committed to ensuring that our customers are aware of the latest developments and practices in this field.
We take pride in having the ability to see the bigger picture and always strive to ensure that our services align with your business objectives and goals.




For more information regarding Thalia Waste products, services or general queries, please complete our enquiry form or contact our customer service team on 01223 861010 – Option 1.