Our Technology

Our Technology

Allerton Waste Recovery Park brings together three state-of-the-art technologies. Mechanical Treatment, Anaerobic Digestion, and Energy from Waste.

We are unique in bringing together three tried and tested technologies under one roof to provide a comprehensive approach that makes the most out of everyday rubbish.

Together, these technologies increase the amount of recyclable materials that can be removed from the waste stream and reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill in the county by at least 90%.

The Anaerobic Digestion and Energy from Waste facilities combined generate around 200GWh per year. Some of this is used to power the facility and we export around 183GWh to the Local Grid – enough to power the equivalent of 40,000 homes.

The technology at Allerton Waste Recovery Park is modular in its design, comprising two parallel lines each with a capacity of 20 tonnes per hour. Having two operating lines allows the facility to remain operational when maintenance is required on one of the lines.