Gender Pay Gap 2023: Closing the gap with Inclusion at our heart

For decades the waste industry has predominantly been seen as a male-dominated industry. At Thalia Waste Management we are committed to changing this. We believe that businesses with an inclusive culture and a diverse workforce perform better. We know that our people drive results and that’s why Inclusivity is at the heart of our values, and I feel proud  that we all work together and take care of each other to grow our business.

This is our first published gender pay gap report and our results show our pay gap this year.

While we have fewer women across our business than we’d like with only 1 female for every 5 employees, we are making progress towards fair pay.

Our mean pay gap is -1.70%, and our median pay gap is -2.76%.

At Thalia Waste Management we believe our women bring a unique strength to Thalia. They provide Thalia with talent, skill and dedication.

At Thalia, we’re committed to our people’s wellbeing and especially a strong work-life balance.

Our goal is to provide a platform  to build careers, while creating positive action to pave the way for inclusivity.

In early 2024 we held our first Women in Waste conference and soon we will be launching our Diversity and Inclusive Thalia network. We aim to involve, inspire, and empower everyone at Thalia and the communities we serve.

We are dedicated to continuing this journey and this year, Thalia Waste Management is proud to publish our first Gender Pay Gap report.

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