At Thalia, we’re keeping waste simple

At Thalia Waste Management we believe the treatment of waste should be easy for everyone.

That's why we are pleased to acknowledge, and support, the Department for Environmental, Food and Rural & Affairs' (DEFRA) recent announcement for simpler bin collections to boost recycling across England, as part of updates to its ‘Simpler Recycling’ scheme.

As part of this, the Government announced they’ll allow local authorities to collect dry recyclables together in one bin, and food and garden waste together in another bin.

At Thalia we like to think differently and we aim to stay ahead of the “kerb”. Whether it's effective separation of dry recyclables  or our ability to process mixed food waste and garden waste, with our people and our communities at our heart, we are constantly looking to further develop sustainable waste treatment processes at our state-of-the-art facilities. We want to keep the moment waste is put out for kerbside collection as simple as possible so that we  all can work together for a more sustainable UK.

Thalia welcomes the progress and changes  made in the Government's recent announcements, especially the banning of disposable vapes and  wet wipes containing plastic across the UK, with new legislation that will be in place by the end of the year. Thalia looks forward to seeing how companies evolve to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly - Well done DEFRA.

Thalia Waste Management manages on average about 6,800 kilograms of waste every minute of a normal working day and we recycle and recover energy from most of it, minimising the use of landfill.

We aim to work with our customers and communities to see more people reduce and reuse before any waste gets to us for recycling and we believe there is still much to be delivered, so we want to help. 

Through our waste education, we inspire and encourage local businesses, larger companies, universities, and education bodies to join us in the sustainable journey. 

Whether it's  supporting a more effective way to process waste and maximise recycling, understanding the journey and impact of waste through a visit to our plants, creating sustainable partnerships, or inspiring the next leaders in waste...let's make a difference.

Let's be more sustainable, let’s keep it simple, and together let’s transform today's waste into tomorrow's energy.