Green Friday is the new black

As the Black Friday shopping event approaches, we’re launching our ‘Green Friday’ social media campaign to promote a different kind of shopping experience. One that's environmentally conscious and sustainable.

Black Friday is notorious for its environmental impact, from air miles to excess packaging and impulse buying. After all, we all love a bargain.  

Thalia is committed to creating a more sustainable future. This year, join us in turning Black Friday green and making a positive difference for our planet and communities.  

Conscious consumerism (also known as ethical consumerism or green consumerism) is shopping in a way that makes a positive contribution to society and or the environment.  

It involves looking further into a company’s actions and choosing to spend money elsewhere if the brand doesn’t match your values.  

Here’s our top Green Friday tips to kick-start you on your journey to becoming a conscious consumer.  

  • Reduce the Footprint: Black Friday often involves products shipped from around the world. This contributes to carbon emissions. By shopping locally and limiting purchases of non-essential items, you can reduce your carbon footprint. Look out for local markets and craft stalls for locally produced goods and support your community at the same time.  
  • Reuse and Repurpose: Mining materials to make new products causes climate pollution. Recycling lowers the demand for these damaging materials. Before discarding, think about how you can give new life to items you already have. Repair old electronics, upcycle furniture, and find creative ways to use cardboard and plastic for DIY projects. Many areas have swap shops or ‘repair’ cafes. They're manned by great volunteers who can help you – a quick search on social media can help you find these in your local area.  
  • Recycle Responsibly: Dispose of waste thoughtfully. Use your local kerbside collection services for cardboard, plastics, and other recyclables. Follow guidelines for proper disposal of electronic waste (WEEE) and polystyrene. Collections can vary so check on your Local Authorities website first. Why not book an education visit at one of our sites to see the journey of recycling and waste for yourself. Visit the education section on to find out more.  
  • Embrace conscious consumerism: Make thoughtful and ethical purchasing choices. There are so many products available that support charities or eco-causes. This could be anything from planting a tree for every purchase made or eco-friendly products made of sustainable or biodegradable ingredients. Say no to single-use and avoid disposable items and opt for reusable alternatives. Or why not check out which is great for giving and getting free stuff locally. Of course, better for the planet and your pocket – don't forget community furniture stores and charity shops.  
  • The gift of giving: Why not give the gift of time? Volunteering in your local community can be a great way of gifting. Here at Thalia Waste Management, we offer our employees paid leave days to volunteer in their local communities. How about a homemade gift? It's a thoughtful way to show our appreciation to our loved ones. Why not make a homemade cake or something else you have created yourself? 

Let's make this Black Friday a celebration of sustainability. Shop smart, shop better and protect our planet for future generations. Join us in embracing Green Friday!