Take one small step to make a big difference this Plastic Free July

This Plastic Free July join us and the millions of people across the world who are reducing their plastic waste.

According to Recycle Now, worldwide we produce 300 million tonnes of plastic each year. and with 10 – 14 million tonnes of plastic entering our oceans every year - by 2050 the oceans could contain more plastic (by weight) than fish.

Together we can make small changes to create a large impact, and find new fun alternatives to plastic.

Here at Thalia Waste Management, we are working with fantastic partners such as RECOUP – a leading charity and authority on plastics resource efficiency. Head over to find out more about RECOUP on their website

Have you made the pledge yet to say no to single use plastics? Join us by heading over to www.plasticfreejuly.org to make your pledge.

Over 100+ million participants worldwide in 190 countries have been inspired to make a small change to make a big difference already.

It only takes small steps to collectively make a big difference:

Make the pledge – it’s no too late, over at www.plasticfreejuly.org 

Say no to plastic straws when you are buying a drink – or take your own reusable one

Bring your own reusable bag shopping. Plastic bags are made from non-renewable fossil fuels.

Reusable bottles and mugs help avoid using disposable cups or plastic bottled water