Join us as we Go Green this Halloween

This Halloween, join us as we Go Green and say goodbye to the scariest waste monster of them all.

Did you know?

  • A single trick-or-treater generates one pound (half a kilo) of waste
  • 94% of UK families plan to buy Halloween costumes (4 out of 10 costumes are only worn once each year, 7 million of costumes thrown away)
  • 83% of Halloween costumes are non-recyclable using oil-based plastics, meaning they are harmful to the planet.

What’s even scarier…

  • Plastic polymer (used in over 63% of Halloween costumes) can take anywhere between 20-500 years to decompose.
  • Each year billions is spent on treats for Halloween - usually wrapped in plastic and can’t be recycled! So, think twice before handing out wrappers at your door!

These are frightening amounts considering how many children will be trick or treating across the world.

Don’t lose your head this Halloween, join us as we share our Go Green this Halloween tricks