Embrace the Green Life this summer

From reusing more to reducing waste, small changes make a big impact – let's make this summer sustainable and unforgettable!

With summer in full swing, we’ve launched our #SustainableSummer campaign for top tips and advice, running throughout August. 

Here’s our top ten tips for a safe and #SustainableSummer to remember.  

  1.  Ditch the disposable BBQs:  They may be cheaper but can only be used once. They cannot be recycled and pose a fire risk unless disposed of properly. Choose reuse and buy one you can use year after year – saving money and making memories.  
  1. BBQ safely: Position BBQ’s on level ground, well away from hedges, fences, or overhanging shrubbery. When lighting charcoal, only use proper BBQ lighter fuel, never, ever use petrol or other flammable liquids.  If using gas ensure grill lights immediately, if it fails, turn off gas, leave for a few minutes and try again. 
  1. BBQ and ash disposal: Binning hot BBQs can lead to fires - putting both refuse workers and the general public at risk -  while putting more pressure on emergency services. Wait 48 hours, to make sure ash is fully cool before disposing of in general waste. Submerge in water if necessary. 
  1. Opt for solar lamps to make the most of your summer evening get togethers – when you can dodge the rain showers!  
  1. Reduce plastic waste by saying no to disposable plates and cutlery – use crockery or choose hard wearing plastic that you can reuse at your BBQ or picnic. 
  1. Stay hydrated with reusable water bottles.  
  1. Choose seasonal and local produce –it usually comes with less packaging and tastes great!  
  1. Ditch the car and get on your bike or walk to reduce carbon emissions. Explore the beauty of nature around you and boost your mental health at the same time. 
  1. Support local beach cleans or support your community with a litter pick  
  1. Explore the great outdoors responsibly – leave only footprints and take your waste home with you 

So come rain or shine, protect our planet and make this a #SustainableSummer to remember.