Waste Education Experience

Milton Keynes Waste Recovery Park Waste Experience Education

Do you know you can visit Milton Keynes Waste Recovery Park and find out first-hand what happens to your waste?

It’s vital that we understand what happens to our waste – this helps us to think about how we can reduce and recycle our rubbish.

By learning more about waste and recycling, we can all do our bit for the Milton Keynes environment.  That is why here at Milton Keynes Waste Recovery Park we would like to help with that learning.

We have a dedicated, on-site Waste Education Centre and Waste Education Offer, where we offer talks and tours to schools, community groups, as well as recycling and waste-themed activities for all ages.

Below are documents that can be used with youth groups, community groups and schools to enhance and continue the discussion about waste and the technologies here.

You can book your waste Education Visit here.

Other resources are available via the Milton Keynes Council school recycling web pages